What is Custom Software

Custom software is a computer program written specifically for your company.

Every successful company builds a suite of processes and systems tailored to their business flow.

Part of streamlining is to provide the tools to allow staff to easily and accurately follow the system.

Adapting your business’s systems to fit with off the shelf software costs you money in lost productivity and staff disgruntlement.

Custom software development is the ideal way to overcome these frustrations.

Reasons for choosing Custom Software

• adaptable to your needs
• features that you request
• may be adapted as your needs change
• enhanced incrementally as your business grows
• a competitive edge with tailored solutions
• incorporate your business processes in software
• capture your proprietary processes
• amplify your ability to operate more effectively
• personal support from developers
• add value to your company
• phone apps to retain customer loyalty
• a vehicle for client referrals and reputation building
• a shrink-wrapped version of what you require doesn’t exist

Information Technology Training

Personalised training explains exactly what is needed for your staff to perform your business processes. It can be far more effective than generalised training and competing with a large classroom for the trainer’s attention.

Training in your workplace on real work can be time effective and helpful if you need staff on the premises.

We provide a qualified experienced trainer, who understands software and is able to help users get a more intuitive feel for the tools they are using.

Ring and discuss your training needs to see if it is within our scope.